Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some common questions that people have asked about this service.

1. How secure is the information?

The information is protected securely by being stored on a separate server. Even if the server is attacked, the data would not be found on the server. The distribution and processing takes place on a remote system too. This remote service does not have access to the contents. It is able to just distribute messages according to your definition.

2. What happens after the subscription is over?

We will still hold your data and keep your notification buttons active. Your ability to edit these (other than completely delete) will be limited.

3. How would I remember to keep this updated?

We will remind you periodically that we have your information, and it may make sense to update them.

4. Is this legally bound?

Legal constructs do not bind this service. You should consult with your lawyer about this. This service covers many areas not usually covered by legal constructs like Wills or Power of Attorneys. These include handling situations where you may be sick, when you may be in danger, or for some reason, unable to call out for help. It fills the gaps between the legal constructs.

5. How hard would you try to connect to my friends and family?

Depending on your setup, we will try sending emails and sms messages if you have added an SMS package to your account.

6. What kind of safety measures are there to prevent accidental distribution?

You can set up the system such that two or more people are required to start the distribution process.

7. How can I test that this works?

We suggest you add yourself as a contact who can trigger a distribution of messages. This lets you see how your friends and family will see the messages.

8. Can I implement a panic button?

Just like having a test setup, we suggest creating a panic button for yourself. You will always be logged on the mobile and have quick access to the panic button. When you press it, you can specify the immediate people who can rescue you.

If you have any other questions, please ask us via the contact us options.